Building the metaverse Augmented Reality NFT

Building Metaverse Augmented Reality NFT – Technology for people

Augmented Reality, NFT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, XR are all parts that make up the Metaverse. The Metaverse as a whole is designed to connect people together using technology. Austech Connect have been working in this space for the last 5 years and we are in the perfect position to help you move forward with this technology which allows you to engage with your communities and customers at levels never seen before with technology. 

This is what is exciting for us, not the technology, but what it can do for you! 

NFT Development

 Non-Fungible Tokens are one of the most exciting technologies to appear from the web 3.0 revolution. We have heard of the Metaverse, well NFT is made for the Metaverse and more. Austech Connect specialise in NFT development specifically for sport, providing revenue for Fans and Athletes alike by producing amazing moments via our Playcasta platform and its associated NFT Marketplace. 


Engage your customers with Augmented Reality


It is becoming increasingly difficult clarify your calls to action via your website and social media, calls to action simply get lost in the noise

Brand-AR is an all in one Augmented Reality solution that allows you communicate with precision exactly what your community, customers or prospects needs to know to take that next step. This works by ruthlessly using only the content that directly drives action and eliminates the noise!

It is your website and social media channels job to elaborate on your services, Brand-AR is designed to be the arrowhead for your brand.

Building metaverse Augmented Reality NFT – Technology for people

Austech Connect has a vision to connect people using technology. We are fortunate to be working in a space that perfectly places us to provide amazing value for people at scale. We are working hard on our playcasta platform that will revolutionise how sport is consumed and fans, athletes and teams collaborate. We have partnered up with HYPE Sports Innovation by the way of their Global Accelerator and also their NFT cohort. We are also members of the Australian Sports Technology Network Pre Accelerator with the focus on scaling the Playcasta eco system globally. 


Our intention is to leverage our playcasta social platform and NFT marketplace so that everyone in sport can build amazing value and get rewarded for their hard work and talents. 

Building metaverse Augmented Reality NFT – Technology for people

Austech Connect is proudly supported by the City of Gold Coast, we have a wonderful partnership with the City and associated networks.