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2021 and beyond belongs to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has shown it is one of the most powerful Transformative technologies to emerge in 2020. Augmented Reality provides sophistication, ease of use and with over 3 billion phones able to access this technology. This is great news for you, Augmented Reality is here and ready for you to use. Austechvr has built some products to ensure that your business can leverage the power of Augmented Reality with Brand-AR through and Booth-AR 

On the 23rd of February 2021 AustechVR rebranded to Austech Connect, Our vision is to make it easy for people and businesses to connect in a memorable and enjoyable way. We combine technology, art and communications to deliver digital products and experiences that are unique, frictionless, simple to use and designed to connect humans. This rebrand to Austech Connect gives us more freedom to employ any technology in the pursuit of connection between businesses and their people! 


Austech Connect has won a Telly Award

Austech Connect were awarded a Bronze Telly Award in the vertical of “Craft use of AR” for our Stadium Augmented Reality experience in collaboration with the City of Gold Coast.

This is an amazing accomplishment and great validation for our team and our ability to produce world class work.

Other winners this year included Al Jazeera, Netflix, UFC, EA Sports, PwC, Boston Celtics, CBS Sports, ESPN, Deloitte Digital and of course Austech Connect.

Over 12,000 entries were submitted for this years Telly awards from 5 continents. So to be announced a winner in such a large nominees is quite special.

Community, Product & Brand Engagement with Brand-AR


It is becoming increasingly difficult clarify your calls to action via your website and social media, calls to action simply get lost in the noise

Brand-AR allows you communicate with precision exactly what your community, customers or prospects needs to know to take that next step. This works by ruthlessly using only the content that directly drives action and eliminates the noise!

It is your website and social media channels job to elaborate on your services, Brand-AR is designed to be the arrowhead for your brand.

Austech Connect just rebranded from AustechVR. This new branding is very exciting and better represents the business that we have become and the direction we are heading. 

Web based Augmented Reality

Put yourself ahead of everyone else by building beautiful and engaging content that creates amazing engagement rates. Bring you to the world!


Technology to Connect People

Austech Connect not only works with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. We have an amazing creative and technical team that is always coming up with ways to utilise new and existing technologies to create extreme engagement. For example, we have brought together 3D models and 2D video to create engaging videos for Social Media and super charged awareness. The video below shows a 3D Body Science Shred product popping out of a social post and seemingly hovering on the screen, this type of creative stops people scrolling. Another example is a post that our founder created for linkedin, the engagement was very high and Austech Connect were able to create business from it. 

Austech Connect is proudly supported by the City of Gold Coast, we have a wonderful partnership with the City and associated networks.