Oculus Quest and Facebook Red Camera – Newsletter 20

Oculus Quest – Brilliant new headset revealed at Oculus Connect 5

What a massive week just gone. Oculus Connect 5 ran on Thursday/Friday last week and there was loads of news and information to come out from that fantastic event. Firstly, if you are interested in a load of the talks, Keynotes and everything in between is available for you to watch on Youtube here.

There is so much content I have not been able to get across most of it, still, have a business to run. 🙂 But – The big news was Project Santa Cruz which transitioned into the Oculus Quest VR Headset. This seems to be a major step forward for VR, this headset seemingly gives us amazing 6DoF (Meaning you can move around inside Virtual Reality by physically walking, twisting etc.

Oculus really pushed the gaming aspect of this new headset which finds itself sitting between the Oculus Go and the Oculus Rift. I do think that this headset will make inroads into the Training and education market but at this point, I still believe the Oculus Go to be the goto headset for this purpose.

Read an in-depth look at the Oculus Connect 5 Conference here,  it is an amazingly detailed post and worth a look over. I also recommend going to the Oculus Video are of Youtube and cherry picking some of the talks that were given at the Oculus Connect event, there is something there for everyone.

I think Vive better start watching its back, Facebook and Oculus are clearly dominating the market and seem to be opening up a gap on HTC.

The amazing Facebook RED Manifold Camera.

Other significant news this last week was the announcement of the Facebook RED Manifold Camera. This baby will be able to capture Volumetric video in 360 and 3D. Now, this camera will allow some movement in 6DoF within the video which is jaw-dropping. I am not sure what this baby will cost but I think you may have to mortgage a couple of houses to purchase this beast of a camera. Meanwhile, you can dream! 🙂

Our Video of the week comes from Googles Spotlight Stories, check out the others whilst you have the chance. They are fantastic

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