XR our Seventh Sense

XR Seventh Sense

XR our Seventh Sense

XR our Seventh Sense. Firstly, what is XR? XR is simply a term that we use which includes things like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and also Spatial Computing. It can be a mouthful trying to say all of those so we just call things XR.

Right now, we are all carrying a computer with you everywhere, it can provide answers to any question that you want. The mobile phone makes us smarter, we are all the better for carrying it.

If we did not carry it we would have to go back to reading encyclopedias or a little later jumping on the computer at home to find an answer to a question.

Now, we say Hello Google or Siri and ask our question.

We can now really push the threshold with the technology that is currently available to us in XR and soon to become available via the likes of Magic Leap.

Why the seventh Sense?

Let us look at the basics of our industry, 360 videos and the Cardboard VR Headset.

You can take somebody to any place and have them feel like they are there, all you need is a $15 Cardboard Headset, a phone and access to the internet.

Now if you are watching a quality piece of content that uses strong storytelling techniques and 3D sound then you have a way of actually touching someone in ways such as having empathy for someone else you have never met.

It is as you have just walked a mile in their shoes – Powerful stuff.

You must be aware though, watching something with a headset on, even if it is a Cardboard VR can be much more powerful and impactful than watching something on a flat screen.

XR and Visualisation

The ability to train and use XR to get extra Reps in for anyone from an Athlete through to a Department store worker is also powerful.

You can actually have an impact on how people see themselves and improve the neural pathways via enhanced visualisation. An example of this would be Andre Drummond 

Andre was able to change his deep belief of his ability to hit a free throw. He turned that around by using VR to remap his thinking so that he knew that if he had the right technique, he would be just fine.

Things like Free Throw shooting is really all mental, what Drummond accomplished here is amazing! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the stats change after his off-season working in VR.

Another example, in the way of people with Dementia for example.

Through research, I have come to understand one aspect of Dementia as this. Someone has a real pang to do something, go somewhere.

They quite often don’t know how to get there and do that thing, it is like an itch that cannot be scratched and causes frustration, confusion, and depression.

With XR we can create a scenario for someone that allows them to go be somewhere that scratches that itch.

Importantly, the experiences that they often need are things that they used to do in normal life. For example, we created a cow experience for a gentleman that was continuously walking around his aged care centre trying to find his cattle.

Prior to putting the headset on, he was not really talking much at all. This changed very fast, he suddenly opened up, talking about cattle, the grass, how much rain that they had had at this location.

He pointed out a cow that he thought was sick and commented on a few others.

It was amazing to see that transformation and also see that itch scratched. That evening he was calm and relaxed, he had felt content.

This is very powerful, imagine what can be done with Dementia as we move forward with this tech.

Other people can be helped in this way also, carers for the elderly or sick. People with Autism, Brain Acquired Injury, and isolated people can have great responses to XR.

It is very exciting to think of the possibilities and how many people it can help with its superpowers.

Let us look at what Magic Leap is now doing with all their Verses layered upon the physical world and some of the stuff that was announced at the 1st LeapCon early October 2018. 

It is utterly astounding what is just around the corner and how it can impact our lives.

We still have not figured out the best ways to use VR and now we have this whole different stream of spatial computing happening that has infinite uses that are not even really apparent yet.

It does not take much imagination to now understand that XR is our Seventh Sense.


XR The Seventh Sense
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XR The Seventh Sense
We talk about why XR and its parts VR, AR and Spatial Computing is our new Seventh Sense.
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