Virtual Reality Training and Flow State

Virtual Reality Flow State

For me, I think it is quite obvious that the benefits of Training within Virtual Reality are enormous. One word, Presence, when you are present in Virtual Reality you are really not aware of your real-world environment.

In the world of training, Austechvr has a focus on Athletes and also training in sectors that need behavioral change.

Sectors such as Mining, Construction, Factories. Anything that is dangerous and needs people to really be aware of those dangers and why and how to avoid them.

I have long been aware of the state that we can get into when doing things such as Running, Cycling, Showering, Mowing the Lawn and doing the housework. For me, when I do these things my mind goes into Freestyle mode and I become very creative with my subconscious taking over.

I have been fascinated by this state, it happens naturally and you can have the best and worst of ideas.

When in this state we are often unaware of ourselves, we are so far in our mind that what we are doing is happening on Auto Pilot.

There is another situation that is similar to this, although this situation does not see us become creative, we instead become completely focused in the moment.

When playing sport, you start in Beta but very quickly you move into an Alpha and eventually Theta.  It has been reported that increases in Alpha Brain Waves precede peak performance.

That is when playing or even coaching sport! This is why sport is so magical, when you play you forget who you are, your problems, challenges and other stuff that is happening in the world. You are only focused on the game, reacting without thinking a lot of the time. It is a pure and beautiful space to be in!!

We can even get into a similar state when having a few drinks, your mind loosens up a little and bang it starts firing. Although I am not sure on how much drinking helps, sometimes this can be at the end of a bottle of wine or at the start and really I would love to do some research to see if the ideas we have at the back end of a bottle or two of wines are as good as the start of the bottle.

This subject is another blog post I guess!! 🙂

Back to flow and Virtual Reality

So, I have been thinking a lot about situations in where can have athletes getting in extra reps via VR Video where the power of Visualisation and to some degree mirroring has a major effect on how the athlete processes that information

We have written about Andre Drummond in this very situation with his work STRIVR and his Free Throw Shooting Woes! 

Watching himself make shot after shot after shot remapped his neurons and as a result became a good Free Throw Shooter.

Andre Drummond VR

Today I watched the Pistons play Philly and Drummond got 100% on the Free Throw line with 7/7 shots!  A long way from his days as a 30% shooter.

This is truly Amazing stuff!! Remember, things like Free Throw Shooting and Set Shot Goal Kicking in AFL are all mental.

Back to Flow, how does it work?

We have a number of Brain Waves that we go into throughout the day. This is a very basic look at them.

  • GAMMA Waves: Higher Processing of tasks and information plus Cognitive Functioning.
  • BETA Waves: Used in normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness.
  • ALPHA Waves: Dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, daydreaming or during light meditation. (FLOW)
  • THETA Waves: In a dream, vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond normal consciousness awareness. (FLOW)
  • DELTA Waves: Experienced in a deep, dreamless sleep and in a very deep, transcendental meditation.

So in Flow State, we have Alpha and Theta!


  • ALPHA Waves in Flow: Increased Alpha Brain Waves precede peak performance.
  • THETA Waves in Flow: In an intense creativity, you are having mystical theta bursts.


Now within Flow we also have hits of GAMMA waves, GAMMA is coupled with the THETA wave, it is very fast moving. When we get a GAMMA spike we get what can be described as an AHA Moment, or Deep Learning Moments or Pure Clarity!

The Alpha-Theta border area of around 8 Hz is recognized as the zone or the state of flow. This is the border between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

When playing sport, you start in Beta but very quickly you move into an Alpha and eventually Theta.  It has been reported that increases in Alpha Brain Waves precede peak performance.

When you are in a very intense state of creativity you are in a Theta burst where you have that feeling of being in the Zone.

Interestingly, the Alpha and Theta Zone is where Gamma Waves can occur. Gamma waves bind ideas from distant ranging areas within our brain, connecting experience, memories, and new stimuli into creative action.

This is fascinating stuff, my thoughts are which is best for bedding into our minds the content from our Virtual Reality Training Experiences. Which one is really making those neurons fire together and provide athletes with enhanced mental performance during their VR Mental Reps.

Is it Alpha, is it Theta or is it bursts of Gamma. I have read research reports that show Gamma is an important component here, I will write a post discussing this is in more detail. 

Tony Robbins always talks about changing the physical state to improve mood and performance. 

Well, how about changing the mental state to improve your mindset and belief in your own ability and routine.

Make no mistake, Austechvr will get the answers here and it will become our secret sauce! This is something that we think can take people, teams, and businesses to the next level with Virtual Reality Flow State!

Virtual Reality has the ability to change behavior, learning and beliefs, particularly limiting beliefs that impact performance in all facets of life.

We want to change the world and make people believe in themselves more, this is the start to our revolution!