WebAR – Web Based Augmented Reality

Metricon Stadium Augmented Reality

WebAR – Web-Based Augmented Reality

WebAR – Web-Based Augmented Reality is a unique way to create meaningful engagement for your community or customers.

2020 is a time where creating engaging content to either connect with your community, attract events to your city or region, or just engage your fans is paramount. 

The best thing is, WebAR allows you to build Complex, Intricate, engaging and beautiful experiences that were once only possible via a high end App.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tik Tok etc, the list is endless. We are all fighting for attention and advertising is difficult unless it is executed extremely well. It is very easy for important messages to blend into the vacuum. 

Trade shows have the same problem. You spend money to buy a space for a 3 day event, build amazing creative and furnish your shell and then compete with everyone else who has done exactly the same thing. 

Thankfully, there is a way to break through the noise and build experiences that will break through all of the noise. 

Augmented Reality (AR) is really an amazing technology, it has had one drawback though, your community or customers had to install an App to experience it. It is an unfortunate truth that you will struggle to get anyone to download and install an app, even if you were going to pay them to do so. 

The answer is WebAR. Web based Augmented Reality. How it works, you point your phone camera at a QRCode which opens up a website, the Augmented Reality experience then runs directly from within your browser. No app download or install needed! 

The best thing is, WebAR allows you to build Complex, Intricate, engaging, and beautiful experiences that were once only possible via a high-end App.

Austechvr are Australia’s leading WebAR company, we have been pushing the envelope with development within WebAR through 2020 and the results have been truly amazing. 

For example you can see the Metricon Stadium example below, it has high quality 3D assets and also has a lot of points of interaction built into it. And it all runs from within a phone or tablets browser. 

We can include Audio, images, video, custom 3D models are a necessity and well timed and executed 3D animations.  There are 3 parts to a great WebAR experience. 

  • Story – It has to have a message and communicate a clear message. For example, the Metricon experience shows that the stadium can be customised for different events, it has a great corporate space, has a great atmosphere and is a stunning space. 
  • Beautiful – WebAR has to look amazing. We believe that any 3D models that we build and use have to be world class in quality and look amazing whilst fitting within your brand guidelines.
  • Technically superior – The experience has to be put together in such a way so that the framework and programming allows complexity so that the story can be told in a visually appealing manner.

We currently have some amazing WebAR – Web-Based Augmented Reality projects underway right now but do have the capacity to work with you and create something that will help boost your local economy or engage with your community or fans. 

Austechvr has all of it’s team based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Everything we build from the World Class 3D models, illustrations for active maps through to the intricate and powerful programming and development is built in Australia. Austechvr proudly supports Australia’s economy by employing locals and reinvesting back into our community.