Web Augmented Reality Experience

WebAR Experience

Web Augmented Reality Experience

Austechvr recently completed a Web based Augmented Reality Experience for Queensland based Sunwater Dams. Due to the restrictions around Covid-19 the planned open days for 2 dams were cancelled, WebAR turned out to be the solution.

The end result was of a complex, interactive, engaging and beautiful experience that was able to educate the community.

Initially we had the choice between creating an app based experience, we discovered that there was a significant amount of friction in getting people to download an app to watch the experience.

Due to this we decided on using WebAR which means that all the community would need is a phone and a web browser. The way this works is that we launch the experience via a QRCode that is readable on any phone camera, this opens up the experience website.

The next stage was creating a map that we would activate so that it would be interactive, display video and audio and appear as a 3 dimensional world. See the video below for what how the experience looks and feels.

The end result was of a complex, interactive, engaging and beautiful experience that was able to educate the community. Key messaging focused around safety around dam’s, emergency procedures and also how dams work.

To structure the messages we built 3 chapters that users could navigate between each with 5 interactive parts which ranged from 3D animations, video and audio.

Another map was also created, as a colouring in map that could be downloaded by students prior to them activating the Augmented Reality component. This would serve as a unique way for children from the communities to learn the key safety messages around safety.

We were also to provide the experience for those without access to maps with a WebVR solution. Users are still able to get the same level of engagement and learning from this experience which is very important.

This entire experience was proudly built here on the Gold Coast by our own amazing team. From the 3D modelling, programming through to the creation of the map and voice overs.

In closing, WebAR is a technology that can really bring your brand and messaging directly to your audience better than any other marketing medium available right now. The return on investment into projects such as this is positive and will help build on your brand well into the future.

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