3D Modelling Service

3D Modelling Service

If you can think it then we can create it via our 3D Modelling Service.  3D models provide a realistic representation of an object or concept in a way that allows you to 3D Print, or use it as a digital asset in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality Experiences.   AustechVR has a very talented team that lives and breathes 3D modelling and will provide a world-class product for your project. Attention to detail is our super power, our product is world class and created right here on the Gold Coast which means less re-work and ease of communication.

What can we create from 3D models?

Our staff are quite comfortable modeling anything from Houses, highly detailed, vehicles, Structures, furniture through to pieces to be used in the construction of products that suite a unique purpose in the home or business.

We can also work from blueprints, 2D plans, and photographs to design the 3D model that you require.

In fact, we have rebuilt Metricon Stadium in 3D, with 2 different models. 1 model for Virtual Reality and the other lower poly version for web-based Augmented Reality, 

You will also see below that we have created everything from convention spaces through to entire interactive landscapes.

Animated Models

We not only create static models, a lot of our work includes animated modelling, we are well equiped to create complex animations with our 3D models, this can really bring your experience to life.

Our Staff are based in Australia

An important way in which Austechvr does business is that our staff are all based in Australia on the Gold Coast. On top of supporting the Australian Economy with Jobs and the associated flow-on effects. We find that our Australian artists understand what is required for Australian customers and produce a high-quality output of work first time every time.

So be rest assured, when you work with us you are indeed working with real people here in Australia, not staff farmed out off-shore.

How long will it take to build my 3D model?

Our 3D artists are very talented and they will indeed ensure that the product is high quality before releasing it to you. In saying that, it generally should take no longer than a week for you to approve your 3D model for production to when you receive the files.

If the product is getting printed this can add a little time due to the process of printing the item. However, you should see a digital representation of that item within a week and for you to approve prior to printing.

More of our work is shown below.