About Austech Connect

Austech Connect works on the metaverse! We are known for our Augmented Reality experiences, world class 3D modelling and innovative social experiences that help brands connect at a higher rate with their customers. We also have a great body of work with numerous Virtual Conferences in the sports space over the last 18 months.

Austech Connect is also well known in the sports technology space. We are members of the HYPE Sport Innovation Virtual Global Accelerator and NFT cohort as well as being part of the Australian Sports Technology Network Pre Accelerator. The solution we are working through with these two amazing organisations is for a solution to revolutionise the way fans, athletes and sporting organisations connect with each other. 

We plan on building a currency into the Playcasta social app where cheers (likes) equate to parts of a coin which will allow us to monetize hashtags for teams and athletes. We are providing Utility NFT to athletes and sporting organisations as well as creating a NFT moments marketplace for collectors that are sourced from the Playcasta social app. This works in with our vision to connect as many people as possible with technology. 

We are perfectly placed to take advantage of technologies that make up the Metaverse such as NFT, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D modelling and Artificial Intelligence. 

If you would like to connect to learn more about our range our products and how they can assist your business, or how we can work together, please contact one of our friendly team on 1300 850 353 or email sales@austechconnect.com.


The Austech Connect Team

Ken Lee Austech Connect

Ken Lee

Managing Director

Ken is the founder of Austech Connect. He has successfully setup and run other Australian businesses and was an Information Technology professional prior to that.  Ken’s passion is built around leveraging new technology to enhance connections between people, in ways that are engaging and memorable. He believes that technology used in the right way can help build a more traditional connection between communities, fans and customers, but at a higher scale.

Will Hazelton Austech Connect

Will Hazelton

Lead 3D Artist

With a Griffith University Bachelor’s in Digital Media, Will is always eager to study, practice and even tutor ways of becoming a multidisciplined 3DCG virtuoso. He has experience designing full size 3D-printable armour, intricate polygonal assets for real-time applications and rendered visualisations When designing, Will incorporates function, style, accuracy and optimization –making him an adept 3D artist.

Corey Schmid Austech Connect

Corey Schmid

3D Artist

Corey developed a passion for 3D works, interactive and new media at an early age which developed from his interest in video games and evolving technology. He has studied at the University of Canberra learning and perfecting his craft, and now brings a mix of technical skills and artistic ability to the team, which he uses to create real-time optimised 3D assets.