Augmented Reality Business Cards are now within reach and finally easy to use. In times past to use an Augmented Reality Business Card you would need to make an app and have your intended users download that App for the privilege of viewing your AR Business Card.

Our Augmented Reality technology now allows you and your potential customers to use your Augmented Reality Business card without an app, all that is needed is to scan a QR Card, point the phone at the card and you have an engaging and interactive tool that will assist in people connecting with you.

Our AR Business Card, CARDAR has the following features:

  • 3D logo of your business
  • Holographic, custom video message (just need green screen)
  • choice of specifically designed User Interfaces to allow your customers and leads to connect with you at the click of a button
  • Branded QR Code for each individual card for your staff.

5 Designs to choose from

We have built 5 amazing designs for you and your team to choose from. The CARDAR Augmented Reality Business card templates are specifically designed to be efficient in allowing your potential customers to contact you easily and also be able to deliver a message directly to them via the hologram.

Whilst the CARDAR is quite interesting and can we say fun to look at, it does serve some really important purposes.

  • It is memorable, how many business cards do you get and forget, be remembered, stand out from the crowd.
  • It is very functional, make a phone call at the press of a button instead of dialling yourself, same as email, send an email with the address ready to go, no mistyping email addresses.
  • Get your message across with your holographic video and build that connection.

Augmented Reality Business Cards – Under $1000 AUD

This comes to the reason why we have built an Augmented Reality Business card. Our vision is is to make it easy for people and businesses to connect and engage in a memorable and enjoyable way.

We combine technology, art and communications to deliver digital products and experiences that are unique, frictionless, simple to use and designed to help drive business sales.

Please note, the hologram is created by using a green screen video in mp4 format with audio recorded with a lapel microphone. This is not included in the price.

With this product, CARDAR, we have accomplished this goal and hope you enjoy your Augmented Reality Business Card and stand out from the pack!