BoothAR came to life after we built and successfully ran a Virtual Conference in October 2020. The 2020 Gold Coast Elite Sports Conference was very successful but we thought we could have provided a better experience for the exhibitors.

Instead of relying on traditional web page format we believed that if we allowed conference attendees the ability to actually visit exhibition spaces in a way that was as close to a physical convention shell we could improve the experience for everyone.

Booth-AR is our solution, you can actually visit it by clicking on the QR Code below or scanning it with your phone and viewing it that way.

BoothAR QR Code
Or click on QR Code to experience on your computer

This example showcases our ability to put downloadable brochures, video, images as well as other purpose built 3d models into a booth to make it as useful and as interactive as possible. If you have not got the time to jump in and have a look around have a look at the video below.

BoothAR is the future of Virtual Conferencing

2020 has seen the dramatic increase of Virtual Conferences, this is not going to change moving forward. We will see a return to physical conferences but people will forever more be comfortable visiting online which will mean we see hybrid conferences.

Booth-AR will allow you to send your exhibit, digital assets and brand directly to your community and prospective clients. This type of engagement is paramount moving forward without a doubt.

If you are running a virtual conference or just an exhibitor at a virtual conference please contact us and see how easy it is to get setup with Booth-AR.

Your customers will love you for it.