Virtual Conferences

Events and Conferences remain an important part of enabling businesses to connect with potential and existing customers. In 2020 because of the Covid Pandemic the industry changed forever and saw the rise of Virtual Conferences.

We all started attending our favourite conferences in a virtual capacity throughout 2020/21 and realised that it is a great alternative to flying, booking accommodation and spending time away from family.

Fast forward to 2021 we are finding that whilst many conferences are coming back with a traditional physical presence, many people are still choosing to attend virtually for the convenience.

We believe that Conferences will become hybrid forever more with both a physical and virtual component running in parallel.

Successful Virtual Conference built by Austech Connect

In 2020, Austech Connect built and hosted the 2020 Gold Coast Elite Sports Conference.

This event had an attendance of over 1100 people from 26 countries around the world over 3 days. The Conference had over 15,000 page views over that time and has produced over $1 million worth of business from the connections that were made.

The Virtual Conference came together by using a number of different technologies.

To build the unique space for the conference and booths for the exhibitors we created a 3D / CGI world and used photographs taken in that world for backgrounds as well as fly through videos.

Since that time we have built 5 virtual conferences within the sporting space that have had international audiences.

As you are able to see with the video above via a brief fly through of the space we built which includes creative, branding, booths and other signage which ensured everyone involved was represented at every opportunity.

Virtual Conferences by Austech Connect

To host the space Austech Connect crafted a custom WordPress website which included additional functionality of an auditorium and chat feature for networking.

The auditorium was utilised by putting all session times and information in a manner that was easy to navigate.

Each video session was supported by Zoom Webinar technology, which is tried and tested and quite easy for everyone to use. We wanted a technology for the video presentations that were bullet proof and provide the highest ease of use for all attendees and speakers.

You can see above how the platform came together in the video above.

Using Zoom was a great decision, each and every one of our sessions over the 3 days went off without a hitch.

To see one of the sessions you can see Austech Connect founder Ken Lee talking with Body Science founder Greg Young on a Q&A session.

In addition to developing Virtual Conferences Austech Connect also built an amazing new product that sits alongside is BoothAR.

BoothAR is an innovative product that allows exhibitors to go to the next level of connecting with and bringing prospective and current clients into their brand.